A Brief History

1960.12.04     Meeting to discuss the founding of a new Christian Reformed church

1960.12.19     Steering Committee selected to seek Classical permission to organize

1961.04.02     First service: Easter Sunday held at Calvin Seminary Chapel (51 families)

1961.06.30     First council and church’s name selected

1962.06.24     Lawrence Veltkamp was installed as first pastor

1964.05.25     Council presented plan for a new building on Tecumseh Drive

1966.06.06     Final building plans approved

1968.03.31     First service (of dedication) held at the Tecumseh sanctuary

1974.05.27     Rev. Veltkamp accepted a new call/Shawnee calls Douglas Vander Wall

1981.08.09     Rev. Vander Wall's farewell after accepting a call with home missions

1983.06.26     Kenneth Van De Griend installed as pastor

1984.09.09     Service of celebration held as the mortgage of building was burned

1986.06.01     Anniversary Service: Celebrating 25 years!

1989.06.11     Rev. Van De Griend’s farewell service

1990.03.04     Roger Kok installed as pastor

1991.04.14     First TimeOut! service

1997.11.05     Final plans for building's addition sent to the congregation

1998.02.01     Ground breaking ceremony for addition

1998.09.27     Dedication service celebrating the completed building addition

2000.09.24     Rev. Kok's farewell service marking his retirement

2001.12.09     Everett Vander Horst installed as pastor

2003.06.01     First blended service

2005.10.09     Ben Van Arragon ordained as Associate Pastor

2008.11.30     Rev. Van Arragon's farewell after accepting a new call

2011.06.05    Anniversary Service: Celebrating 50 years!

2012.07.15    Rev. Vander Horst's farewell service after accepting a new call

2012.09.30    Nicholas Hopkins ordained & installed as pastor

2016.03.08    Celebrated the completion of our Facility Improvements

2016.06.26    Anniversary Service: Celebrating 55 years!

Our First Home: Calvin Seminary Chapel (1961)


Breaking Ground on Tecumseh (1967)


Construction on Tecumseh (1967)