Administrative Elders

John Roels, Elder of Leadership & Administration (Chair)*

John Roels, Elder of Records & Correspondence (Clerk)*

LeRae Kuperus, Elder of Pastoral Care (Pastoral Care Elder Chair)*

Dave Lundberg, Elder of Education & Discipleship

Nate Jen, Elder of Evangelism, Congregational Outreach, and Missions

Marcus and Beth Fila, Elders of Fellowship & Hospitality

Bill Van Tol, Elder of Worship


Pastoral Care Elders

Curt Roelofs, Pastoral Care Elder (Household #1)

Brad Aupperlee, Pastoral Care Elder (Household #2)

Mary Abbott, Pastoral Care Elder (Household #3)

Becky Boerman, Pastoral Care Elders (Household #4)

Alyssa Kraker, Pastoral Care Elder (Household #5)

Rev. Henry Admiraal, Pastor



Zach Westenbroek, Deacon of Congregational Finances (Treasurer)*

Carina Schuurman, Deacon of Congregational Service Ministries

Janet Borgdorff, Deacon of Congregational Finacial Stewardship

Steve Taplin, Deacon of Benevolence Ministries & Tuition Assistance

Bruce Sienkowski, Deacon of Building, Grounds, and Technology

Rachel Flim, Deacon

Ken Altena, Deacon



Char Bulthuis, Director of Administration**

Mel Veldman, Director of Discipleship**


* Serves as a member of the Executive Committee.

** Serves as a member of the Council with the right of discussion, but without vote.

Associate Ministers

Our Associate Ministers are members of the Shawnee Park Family who are ordained ministers in the Christian Reformed Church.

Rev. Harold Hiemstra

Rev. Leonard Hofman

Rev. LeRae Kuperus

Rev. Curt Roelofs

Rev. Dale Slings

Rev. Calvin Van Reken

Rev. Bill Van Tol

Rev. Jeffrey Weima